New Workshop Packages!

One of the wonderfully positive aspects of facilitation is its ability to blend with and complement other disciplines. The adaptability and flexibility of process facilitation means that the tools can be used to create productive environments for discussion about a whole range of topics. 

So, I am pleased to announce a new collaboration with Gerald Crittle of Gacceleration Business Support Services. A brilliant combination of facilitation and business support brought to you through the combination of two different specialisms. 

Together we have developed two brand new packages:


Improving Internal Communication

If you are experiencing communication problems between individual staff, groups or teams then this workshop is for you. Perhaps you are having difficulty establishing and maintaining robust systems for communication, or even just finding ways for staff members to be able to talk to each other. Maybe your people have changed but your process haven’t evolved alongside. Or it could be that you are just in need of some new ways of thinking.

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Productive Meetings

If your internal meetings are not as productive as you would like, perhaps they are too long or they add little value then this workshop is for you. Possibly there is a lot of talking but limited tangible outcomes, or they have become stale. Maybe there are better ways of structuring the meeting including how information is presented and tasks are captured, allocated and monitored. Or it could be that you are just in need of some new ways of invigorating your meetings.

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