Going for a Temporary Hat Change


I’ve always had enormous respect for events organisers. It seems like a mammoth task. Large scale organising of something inviting enough for people to want to attend and probably paying for the privilege has always slightly horrified me. I’m not talking about a house party. I’m talking about the kind of thing that requires lots of people, all doing a variety of things, booking a venue, getting resources and activity programmes together, delegating roles and responsibilities and then publicising it all. Making something big happen. That kind of thing. So what do I think I am doing organising a music fundraiser and what on earth possessed me to put on such a different hat?

Well now. I suppose it goes something like this…..

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What should you do with the ambitious seedlings of ideas?

Are you one of those people who has a head constantly swimming with ideas? Or maybe someone that gets amazing flashes of inspiration from time to time. It feels like the time of year for ideas. If there is such a thing. The time of year when everything is warming up and coming out. There’s that feeling of newness. The feeling of promise. It’s when people start moving along from being wrapped up into slowly exposing their toes and shoulders to the world again.

Of course ideas aren’t seasonal. They don’t come out with the sun, although there is something to be said for that warm relaxed mood that perhaps leads to inner reflection. Ideas are just as likely to come out when you are swimming, or running or cleaning your teeth. The generation of ideas is very personal and everyone is inspired by different things.

The seeds on my windowsill do kind of remind me of ideas. At the moment they are small promising shoots of something as yet undefinable. If I treat them well, they will actually be peppers (I think!). They are little gems, poking their way out into the world, hoping to get what they need to become something big and beautiful. If given the right environment, if nurtured in the right way, your ideas, just like my seedlings will grow and grow into something amazing.


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What does it mean – OBJECTIVE?

When you’re planning what you want to do and where you want to go, whether organisationally or individually starting with the vision and the mission sets out where you want to be and define what it is you are doing. The goals that you set in line with these, then allow you to outline the targets to achieving these. But at some point, you will need to get down to the detail, to decide exactly how, when and where you are going to activate these plans. Before you launch straight into the activities however, there is an in between step; setting the objectives.

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What does it mean? GOAL

Moving on from creating a vision or mission statement, what about a goal? What is one, and where does it fit in the land of planning things? Whilst we are not talking about football, it might be good to imagine the idea of putting the ball in the net, as this is something of an achievement, a win, a gain that might lead you on your way to victory.

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