The Beauty of the Business Blog

At school I hated English lessons, hated to write stories, didn’t enjoy reading and summarising texts or planning essays. Funny how these days I love to write. Excellent news then for being able to write a blog! If only it was that simple…….

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Using an elephant to get the whole picture

elephant with quote

I have just been thinking about a project review that I did a little while ago, and somehow this lead me onto thinking about the story of the blind men and the elephant! I have in fact just been to a presentation on an engineering project that I did a project close out review workshop for. I though that perhaps I would write something interesting about it, the presentation I mean. But instead I found myself thinking about why the review worked. The people that I talked to asked me about why the review included people from different disciplines, and actually different companies (client, contractor and designer were all present in the workshop that I facilitated). Continue reading