A well prepared workshop with a clear instruction throughout. Goals set from the start, an achievable timetable and desired outcomes.

M. J. Lancaster, Senior Project Manager, Bristol Water Plc.

Helene’s facilitation enabled the team to take complex issues and distil them down into a set of clear and achievable recommendations. For each we identified what, how and why we need to achieve it linking it back to a vision of our goal for the project.

Andrew Ware, Design Manager, Black and Veatch

Helene came to our business to run a communications workshop to help our growing team of technical consultants become more efficient. I found her methods and approach quite brilliant and we are already seeing the benefits in the way we are interacting with each other and our customers. I’m therefore very proud to recommend Helene to my entire network (and beyond).

Ben Grantham, Operations Director at Bristol IT Company Limited

I recently attended one of Helene’s workshops on running workshops. It was brilliant – a really valuable and productive use of my time. I came away full of ideas about making my workshops better and I feel very excited about doing my own workshops now! Highly recommended!

Claire Stone, Claire Stone Nutrition, Workplace Wellbeing, Start Right and Carry On, Healthy Business Retreat and ESpark Chiclet

WONDERFUL workshop! Thank you Helene so very much! Great content, structure, tips and guidance on how to build, manage & carry out a successful workshop! Can’t wait to apply all I’ve learnt to my workshops. Thanks again Helene – highly recommended for anyone thinking about doing workshops or in the early stages of getting their workshops off the ground 10/10

Sarah Cook, SHC Social Media

The session was extremely informative and has opened so many ideas in my head about what can be achieved to engage with attendees and make your workshops really unique. Highly recommend!

Gosia Scarrott GS Styling

The workshop with Jewell Facilitation was very informative. Helene delivered it in a fun and interactive way, with lots of different ideas and tips to help us develop our own workshops. I now feel confident planning my own workshop and am brimming with ideas! Thank you!

Becs Miller, Write & Reach

Helene has a natural ability of getting the best out of a group of people in a fun, interesting & dynamic way. Her passion for leading groups clearly shows – she brims with ideas & enthusiasm. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Helene in a number of different levels & gained a real understanding of how she works. Her knack of translating your ‘half ideas’ & translating them into structured thoughts is a joy! She’s most at home with a pen in each hand & a huge piece of paper, making your dreams happen. She really is natural leader in her field.

Faye Dicker, (Creator and Founder of Freelance Mum)

Helene is a confident and competent workshop facilitator. She is able to lead workshops far outside her own knowledge base. I attended a workshop facilitated by her for the post-construction review of a civil engineering project. Her methods drew out feedback without confrontation from a wide range of individuals. The 2.5 went very quickly and great conversations were had which benefited all attending. The workshop ran to time, and I am looking forward to reading the resulting report.

Anne-Marie Tuck, Lead designer, pipelines, Black & Veatch at Bristol Water

Helene’s methods of engaging both our staff and beneficiaries provided us with a valuable insight into how the projects were progressing. We were able to follow up on a number of aspects of her final report which enabled us to develop and improve the projects. She approached this piece of work with precision and enthusiasm which produced some excellent results.

Richard Brindle, Chairman, Crossflow Ltd

In 2010 the members of our group joined together with a determination to object to a planning application for a local piece of land and to gain access to all or at least part of it for the local community to use. Although we were clear about the main objectives, we didn’t really know each other, most of us had never even met before. There were also many options open to us and in these early days we spent a lot of time discussing how we should approach our goal. Helene offered to facilitate us to draw up a plan of action for the future. This was a powerful process, we used various methods including the creation of a planning tree. These processes enabled us as a group to focus our efforts. It set us up to function successfully for the following three years to the present day. It was through these processes that we melded as a group, even though many of us had very different approaches to what we wanted to achieve. We were successful in a number of different projects, including gaining a grant for research – something none of us had ever done before. Thank you Helene you are a great facilitator, warm, inclusive and knowledgeable. I believe we would not have achieved our successes without you.

Barbara French Chart. MCIPD Chair, Saxon Road Green Space Group June 2014