problem solving

Problem Solving

Sometimes problems may seem insurmountable and become entrenched in working practice and the longer a problem is left the more impact it has and the more difficult it is to solve. Defining and analysing what the problems actually are, and their impact are important places to start.  What is problematic for one set of people may not even have been noticed by another, so it's important to understand whether problems are perceived or real in the first place. By digging deep into what the issues are and then sharing ideas and experiences in a focused way, these problems can be solved much more easily.

I can help groups to:

  • Identify problems that are holding up progress towards a particular goal, causing conflict or poor performance.
  • Understand the key elements of that problem
  • Consider what is working well 
  • Prioritise areas to focus on
  • Find solutions to the problems
  • Create a plan to move forward with these solutions


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