Benefits of Facilitation

Maximum Engagement

Facilitation promotes maximum engagement of all participants so the session will get the most out of the participants in the allotted time. When people are engaged they will feel more motivated, invest their energy, and take ownership of the outcomes of the workshop or meeting.

Right Information

By tailoring the session to your specific needs, the facilitator will ensure that the right information is discussed and the time used efficiently and effectively. Whether this is new information generated or the discussion of existing information, the facilitator will make sure the content is focused and on track.

Defined process

The facilitator will design a robust process so that there is a structure to the workshop or meeting. A defined process will ensure that there are clear outcomes and clear decisions made in line with the overall workshop goal.

Flow of Ideas

Facilitation helps to stimulate the flow of ideas by using a range of practices tools and techniques, which results in a better quality of input. 


The facilitator runs the workshop so all the participants involved can focus entirely on participating (rather than running the session).

Listening to Each Other

Facilitation provides the opportunity to listen to each other and reflect on everyone’s ideas which is something that sometimes gets missed in a traditional meeting format.