Bold steps workshop

Boldly Stepping Forwards

Last week as many of you will know was International Women’s Day #IWD16. A great day for women all around the globe to focus on ourselves as women, our achievements, our accomplishments and on the way still to go. On this day I was lucky enough to be working with an amazing group of women considering our bold steps…….

I was tasked by the fabulous Faye Dicker to do a workshop as part of her special IWD Brave, Bold and Bonkers FreelanceMum networking day. The workshop needed to be 20 minutes (in truth the shortest workshop I have ever done) and needed to be delivered to 40 women. Ha, what could be easier? I do like a challenge……

The numbers of people didn’t bother me, I love groups, it’s where I feel comfortable, the more the merrier as they say. It was the 20 minutes that I was a bit more unsure about – 3 hours no problem, a day or two much better, but 20 minutes? Added to which we were going to be doing this in a church (seat layout, acoustics etc all very much not my idea of a perfect venue) and there would most definitely be children! The “take your children” ethos is what makes this networking group special and different. And it works, I’m a regular, although have to confess I left my son at nursery on this particular day.

So before the day had even begun I was feeling a bit bonkers, rather brave and decided to boldly grab the challenge and see what happened.

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Why would you do a workshop?

So of course I think workshops can be an amazing business offering! There are lots of reasons why and I thought I’d outline a few for you here.

What about you? Why would you do a workshop?

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What is your Role in Delivering a Workshop?

This week I thought I’d do another VLOG all about the different roles that you take on when you are delivering a workshop.

Imparting content, sharing knowledge and information, talking about what you know…..there are many roles you need to take on to make this happen.

How do you see your role?

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