Learning from the Comedy Value of Bad Meetings

I am the kind of person that gets inspiration from all over the place. I get¬†flashes of ideas and I seem to get them from everywhere; eating food, walking to the corner shop, talking to people, listening to music. I’d like to say that ideas come to me on my morning jog, but they don’t. I don’t embrace the world of jogging. I do love swimming but I rather like the meditative counting of lengths and the slight brain switch off that it provides. It wouldn’t be the ideal time for ideas to arrive anyway, not without some kind of waterproof notebook. Anyway, I digress……

flashes of ideas

My latest inspiration has come from watching TV. Which is interesting since I do so little of it (watch TV I mean). Have you ever seen W1A? I have to say, it’s brilliant. But it’s also painful to watch. It’s painful because it takes the extremes of reality, situations that we are all familiar with and pokes fun of them. In case you haven’t seen this slice of (fictional) satirical hilarity, it’s set in the offices of the management team in the BBC. Very funny.

And the meetings they have are what I want to have a little chat about………Continue reading

Top Tip #2 Postcards for the future

Postcard Goal

At the end of a workshop give each participant a postcard or greetings card with a stamp on it.

Ask them to each write a goal for themselves on the card. This should be something that they would like to achieve in three months' time (you can adjust the time according to the context).

They need to: put their names and addresses on the cards and hand them back to you.

You need to: post them out in 3 months so they can check in to see how they did with their goal.

This is a great way for your participants to check in on their goal and remind themselves what they wanted to achieve.

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