Making Conversations Count in the Land of Social Media.

I thrive on the buzz of facilitating a workshop. I love it. But I also get quite excited being a participant. And that’s what I was doing last week, in the form of an Advanced Social Media course. I was participating in full and reaching down to communicate with my inner geek. I do have one of those, an inner geek. And I have learnt that it’s actually far nearer the surface than I thought.

Inner geek

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The Beauty of the Business Blog

At school I hated English lessons, hated to write stories, didn’t enjoy reading and summarising texts or planning essays. Funny how these days I love to write. Excellent news then for being able to write a blog! If only it was that simple…….

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Are you a groupie?

I spend a lot of my time planning, preparing, organising and generally trying to work through the processes that I need to, to get things done. I can frequently be found surrounded by pieces of paper and pens, scribbling down ideas, drawing up lists or tables, and creating templates and plans.

On the one hand I like the mental space of me and my pen, sometimes flip chart and often my keyboard, writing down ideas, considering, cogitating, reflecting and polishing, untangling my thoughts so that they look the way that I want. I like to get my ideas down and to lay them out in a way that enables me to think, to create solutions and concrete plans. It’s important to have this time, and I enjoy the introspection. There is no one to tell me I am wrong, disturb my patterns of thought or tell me which direction I need to go in. I am guided, moderated and powered by myself.

I can in this way do what I want to do.

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What does it mean – OBJECTIVE?

When you’re planning what you want to do and where you want to go, whether organisationally or individually starting with the vision and the mission¬†sets out where you want to be and define what it is you are doing. The goals that you set in line with these, then allow you to outline the targets to achieving these. But at some point, you will need to get down to the detail, to decide exactly how, when and where you are going to activate these plans. Before you launch straight into the activities however, there is an in between step; setting the objectives.

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