Feeling part of a virtual group – the webinar experience.

For today’s slice of blog activity I thought I’d share my recent experience of attending a webinar. When I say attending, what I mean of course is dialing in, or more precisely, logging on.

In case you are not up to speed with the whole webinar phenomenon this is a seminar or workshop that you do on line with other people. So you have to imagine that there are a whole load of other people around the country (or in this particular case, the world) sat in front of their computers with headphones on listening to Bob (let’s call him Bob, I’ve forgotten his actual name) talking.Continue reading

Using an elephant to get the whole picture

elephant with quote

I have just been thinking about a project review that I did a little while ago, and somehow this lead me onto thinking about the story of the blind men and the elephant! I have in fact just been to a presentation on an engineering project that I did a project close out review workshop for. I though that perhaps I would write something interesting about it, the presentation I mean. But instead I found myself thinking about why the review worked. The people that I talked to asked me about why the review included people from different disciplines, and actually different companies (client, contractor and designer were all present in the workshop that I facilitated). Continue reading