What does it mean? GOAL

Moving on from creating a vision or mission statement, what about a goal? What is one, and where does it fit in the land of planning things? Whilst we are not talking about football, it might be good to imagine the idea of putting the ball in the net, as this is something of an achievement, a win, a gain that might lead you on your way to victory.

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What does it mean? MISSION

Back on the planning road once more, and here for part two…. let’s talk this time about missions! I don’t mean the Tom Cruise ‘Impossible’ kind, or the evangelical kind, but the what for and why of the work you or your organisation does. If you have your vision, which gives you a picture of where you want to be in the future, you will probably also need a mission, or a mission statement.Continue reading

What does it mean? VISION

There are so many terms for all the things we do when we plan. When we plan, we look into the future, not in the crystal ball sense, but in the ‘where am I going’ sense. We make plans to help us get from A to B, to move forward, to help us achieve things and have a sense of direction. Some people plan more than others but often even people to appear to be “winging it” have spent time working out what they are going to say or do.

There are a whole load of semantics around planning, mapping, plotting – a sort of coded vocabulary that is easy to understand when you know what it is, but easily mixed up and misunderstood when you don’t. How can you plan with someone else when one person is talking about a vision and the other an objective, another a goal and someone else a mission. They are different things. So maybe it’s helpful to try to demystify some of them.

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