A Problem to be Solved

problem solving


We’ve got a problem, need to sort it,

We need to work it out.

We need to get it all resolved,

Before we scream and shout.


How can we dive down to the bottom,

Of this irksome trouble?

It’s been building up for quite some time,

It’s about to burst our bubble.


We need to get on top of it,

To get us all together.

To put our heads in one big space,

It’s really now or never.


We’ll take a look at all the issues,

And make ourselves a plan.

We’ll take a look at what’s not right,

Why the project overran.


We’ll look at why some people left,

We’ll check the overspend.

We’ll see if there were some mistakes,

What drove us round the bend.


We’ll share our thoughts and have discussions,

Devise some great solutions.

We’ll all bring knowledge and ideas,

For brand new evolutions.


We don’t want blame we don’t want fear,

We want to be constructive.

We want to generate some plans,

No point in being disruptive.


Let’s analyse and all be clear,

Don’t leave out any facts.

Collective working is the deal,

We’ll fix up all the cracks.


Let’s organise, prioritise,

Re-envisage then devise.

Conceptualise, we must be wise,

As long as we don’t trivialise.


The problem will get solved for sure,

It will all be okay.

The group has worked together

And each one has had their say.





A woolly tale

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The Misunderstanding in the Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle - Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Monkey Puzzle – Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

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Spokes evaluation tool

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You can listen as well as you hear

I’m not a particular fan of Mike and the Mechanics, in fact this is probably the only tune of theirs that I even know! But it is one of those anthems, that will remind me of being a teenager, probably one of those songs at the end of the school discos. Actually I’m being a bit unfair, I do quite like this song!

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