Do you see the potential in a group of people working together but know that communication needs to improve?

Would you like your team to engage and participate more effectively to achieve a particular goal?

Do you need to engage external stakeholders to generate ideas, share opinions and work collaboratively?

Would it help to add structure and a process to your discussions and meetings to save time, resources and money?

A smooth flow of communication, quality engagement, focused direction and clear outcomes are what you get when you bring in an independent facilitator. 

If you are considering creating your own vibrant and dynamic workshops then learning some of the core concepts of participant engagement, a selection of key methods, tools and techniques could be just what you need.


  • A facilitator works with people in groups, to help them gather ideas, organise their thoughts, and formulate and articulate what they want to communicate. 
  • A facilitator provides a process to enable participants in a group to communicate with each other effectively.
  • The facilitator enables people to work together in the form of a workshop, session or meeting to generate something productive and useful.

If you're thinking about doing your own workshop and astounding your clients with your extensive knowledge on your specialist subject, then you'll want to get it just right.

One of the keys to a great workshop is keeping your participants engaged. Knowing how to create a dynamic and interactive environment is part of making sure that happens. Guiding you through that process and equipping you with the right skills is where I come in!


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What people have said about my work

This was a very good, focused workshop that had useful outcomes which can be put into practise. Mike Smith, Head of network Projects, Bristol Water Plc

It’s not until you work with an expert that you realise how much more there is to facilitating and managing a workshop with inspiring and compelling content that motivates delegates into action. Helene’s help has been significant in shaping our Ready for Export workshops that help companies get started on their journey into international trade. John Rubidge, Head of Innovation Services, UK Trade and Investment South West

Helene delivered a fantastic workshop that has inspired me to be more creative with our own events. She is full of excellent advice and it's a real confidence boost too. I whole-heartedly recommend that anyone thinking of running their own event sign up to Helene's next workshop. Jennifer Rollason, Business and Marketing, Dial a Geek

Helene kept the team engaged to deliver clear outcomes for the benefit of the project. Andy Muncer, General Manager, Kier

 Thank you Helene you are a great facilitator, warm, inclusive and knowledgeable. I believe we would not have achieved our successes without you. Barbara French Chart. MCIPD, Chair, Saxon Road Green Space Group

Helene’s methods of engaging both our staff and beneficiaries provided us with a valuable insight into how the projects were progressing. Richard Brindle, Chairman, Crossflow Ltd.

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